Hi, we’re thinking on how we can contribute to a more sustainable enivornment and life in general. That is why we promote longstays and also being generous in leaving discounts to people who book longer stays. Another thing we are planning is to offer discounts to guests who use public transports, walking and cycling in favor of driving fossile fuel transportation solo.

New owners

From december the 17 th 2021 the Foz Ocean Retreat has new owners. The plan is to make the house a bit more personal so that you can enjoy a homey feelings without the feeling you are intruding. There are also plans on making the house more sustainable with solar energy, bokashi composting, bicycles instead of large car parkings (electrical are always welcome anyway). We are also planning to make the house perfect for workations since it is large and can hold a small managament team occupied but still have space.

Luxury on tree

Another plan is to make the garden more lush with lemon trees and other typical Portuguese plants. A nice barbecue area is also on the prior list. We are focusing on delivering a solid wifi experience all over the place for working abroad.